Big Picture Thinking and Doing



We like big challenges that require innovative approaches,
working closely with our clients in a two-way transfer of knowledge 
and taking calculated risks to create better outcomes. 


Our Vision 

Possible People is a progressive Economic Design & Implementation Specialist company at the leading edge of sustainable development with a vision to support the creation of “prosperous businesses and healthy communities inspired by nature”.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to "provide cutting-edge knowledge, inspiration and support to our clients to think and act differently
to realise new opportunities".


Our People

Stewart Christie


Stewart Christie founded Possible People in 2013 after seeking new approaches to economic and enterprise development, which creates new opportunities and jobs whilst also regenerating the environment rather than exploiting and diminishing our natural resources.   Stewart identified the competitive advantages that can be obtained by businesses and communities through adopting Blue Economy and Circular Economy approaches. Stewart successfully completed the Blue Economy Summer School in Europe in July 2013, which provided an in depth understanding of the principles of the Blue Economy and its application to businesses and communities.  He was certified as a Blue Economy Expert in July 2014 by Gunter Pauli and the University of Pecs. 


Before initiating Possible People, Stewart was the CEO of Advance Cairns (a not for profit regional development organisation) in Tropical North Queensland (TNQ), Australia. Prior to that he spent
16 years with Arup, a leading global multi-disciplinary planning, design and management consultancy. He commenced his career as a civil/structural engineer and progressed to building and leading a diverse consultancy business as well as specialising in the planning and management of complex multi-disciplinary built environment projects in Northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia and the United Kingdom.


Possible People has integrated the Blue Economy framework with program and project management practices to offer a new entrepreneurial approach that increases business
and job opportunities, strengthens communities and regenerates the environment.




The ethics and values that drive how and why we do things at Possible People are:


Straight and honourable dealings with our clients, partners and stakeholders. We are motivated to create positive outcomes and value for our clients whilst achieving win-win outcomes for all.

Foresight & Innovation

Using systems and design thinking
we take our clients and stakeholders
on a journey with us to develop
creative solutions to solve our client's challenges. We are entrepreneurial and committed to continuous learning and base our decisions, strategies and recommendations on sound
evidence and cutting-edge research
and practices.

Collaborative Teamwork

Adopting a no-blame learning culture,
we bring fun and enjoyment to building and maintaining a supportive, positive and high energy team. We believe that healthy people and relationships are critical to leading a successful life.



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