Possible People Blue Economy Model

It’s what we do, who we collaborate with and how we do it!


We have developed the Possible People Blue Economy Model based on the Scan, Screen and Implement Blue Economy model developed by Gunter Pauli. This approach uses a systems design approach to re-design business models and economies to create more business opportunities, value and jobs by using what is available locally whilst regenerating the local environment and building stronger, healthier and more resilient communities

Case Studies

A selection of various Circular and Blue Economy 
case studies from around the globe are highlighted in the following pages to demonstrate what is possible with creative thinking and commitment.

Key Partners

For each project we assemble a team of multi-disciplinary specialists based on the specific needs of the project using established key partners. Examples of these specialist areas include tourism, agriculture, energy, architecture, engineering, social planning, environmental science, spatial information technology and research staff.



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